The All Saints Middle School Science Fair is a great way for students to explore their curiosity, and the world around them. Sixth graders are required to participate, while seventh and eighth graders are highly encouraged to participate in this enrichment opportunity.

This year there are two options for the science fair:

1. Student participates in only the All Saints Science Fair
2. Student participates in the All Saints Science Fair, with the possibility of attending the Twin Cities Regional Science Fair (TCRSF).

Option 1 is the minimum expectation for students.
Option 2 requires some additional paperwork to be filled out. If attending the TCRSF is something students are interested in, paperwork needs to be turned in by Friday, December 11.
• Please speak with Ms. Thompson to acquire the needed forms
o Ms. Thompson can also help interested students fill out the forms.

Sixth graders will have two days of in class work-time to work on their projects. This time can be used for planning out their project, working on organizing their data, and asking questions. These dates will be Monday, November 9 and Monday, November 30. Please refer to the timeline for due dates.
This is a graded assignment and will be applied to second trimester’s science grade. The project is worth 100 points. Please refer to the rubric for specific point breakdown.

All of the paperwork that was handed out to the students is available on Ms. Thompson’s blog, under the ‘Just In Case’ menu. All science fair items will begin with the label SF, followed by the items name.


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