Today in 6th grade…

Today Mrs. Moser stopped by our class. Here’s what we did…

Your 6th grader participated in a guidance lesson on listening. Students examined their listening skills as well as their ability to follow directions. The students made their own game board by folding a piece of paper. I gave directions only once and with each round the directions came faster and more were added. Students demonstrated their ability to listen and follow directions by moving craft pieces on their game board based on directions given. At the end of each round, if the student was able to follow along the pieces would end up in certain spots.

When the game was finished, as a class we discussed what happened during the game. Students shared what made the game hard for them; what made it difficult to follow the directions if anything. We discussed why having good listening skills and the ability to follow directions is important not only in school but in everyday life. The students came up with ways to improve listening skills.

At home you can encourage your child to practice being a good listener by looking at the speaker and listening with their whole body: eyes on speaker, hands and feet still, mouth closed, and ears open.

All of the 6th graders did an excellent job during this activity, and really seemed to enjoy the challenge of the game. It was great to see lots of participation from them!


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