Science Fair Added Info!

I have noticed that there are students that are confused about what needs to be filled out and turned in this week for the Research Proposal. Here’s what the kids need:

1. The white packet of three pages…
– page 1 – students fill out the top section, I am the Adult Sponsor and will fill that section out for them. If the students were given additional forms they may need additional information and signatures filled out on the first page.
– page 2 – students need to fill out this entire page, and it needs a parent signature
– page 3 – this page is the page where the student explains their project. The part on this page that has proven a bit difficult for kids is the ‘Procedure’ section. The procedure identifies the detailed step-by-step process that they are doing for the experiment. I’ve talked about this part in class a couple times, but if any student is struggling with this or needs help, please let me know. I will make time to work with them on this.

2. Some students needed additional forms filled out (they were given these when their idea was approved). All of these additional forms need to be filled out and turned in as well.


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